David Neale Jewellery is disarmingly simple.

Its about good ingredients made into timeless treasures. Perhaps it is like food; to make a delicious meal, the cook must select the best ingredients, prepare them simply and respectfully. 

Can a ring be made ‘delicious’ in the same way? Yes!

What will the best ingredients be?

Gold nuggets used to make David's Good Ring are found by small-scale prospectors, using metal detectors. Ethical operators seek, but do not destroy- they hand-dig small targets and should refill holes.

Recycled gold and silver are surely the best of all materials for jewellery. It is a feature of David Neale jewellery wherever possible. In addition to recycling his own metal, David proudly sources fabrication metals from Precious Metal Technologies Refinery and A&E Metals, both known for their commitment to providing recycled precious metals. Can you upcycle your old gold? See FAQs.

Other ethical-choice materials that may be available:

Upcycled diamonds and gemstones from vintage jewellery.

Australian and Canadian origin diamonds; not involved in violent conflicts or inhumane labour. 

Returning to our cooking analogy, how will these ingredients be respectfully and simply handled?

David's jewellery is characterised by thoughtful details; for example, the Good ring is formed without a seam- "the form is whole while the hole forms!"- herein is a symbology of oneness, as well as a technical superiority. There is a quest for emotional precision as well, a piece has to have the right 'feel'; will it transcend its material? Will it be lively, evoking joyful memories?

David Neale Jewellery is made in Melbourne Australia, by David Neale!

The majority of the work is carried out by David's own hands, sometimes with extra help from trusted local artisans and specialists.