Frequently Asked Questions

Can I order a Custom design?

Yes! David enjoys working with you to make something you’re dreaming of.

Upfront payment is required. 

For an initial enquiry, Contact David. Feel free to send photos or drawings of your ideas.

Zoom calls are welcome too.

 (Please note, David's studio is closed to public browsing at this time)


When will my order arrive?

Custom orders: allow 4 weeks from payment.

Product orders: allow 2 weeks.

Do you have a deadline? Contact Us, we may be able to prioritise your order.

You will receive lodgement and tracking advice for your order.


 What does "9ct", "18ct" , "22ct" Gold mean?

"ct" stands for carat, which when we're talking about gold, is a unit of fineness or purity. Also spelt karat in the USA; shortened to "k".

24ct = pure gold (99.9%. Stamped "999" or "Fine")

22ct = 22 parts pure gold + 2 parts other metal (91.6%. Stamped "916")

18ct = 18 parts pure gold + 6 parts other metal (75%. Stamped "750")

  9ct =   9 parts pure gold + 15 parts other metal (37.5% Stamped "375")

"Other metals" means various ratios of copper, silver, zinc and palladium.

Nickel is not used by David Neale Jewellery. 

Why are there all these different carats?

Pure gold is relatively soft, so its not ideal for all jewellery designs.

We can make the gold harder by mixing it with copper, silver and other metals.

Also, gold is very valuable, so carating down the metal is a way to lower the expense.

NOTE When we talk about gems, "carat" or "ct" means a unit of weight equal to 200mg.


What is "Native Gold"?

When we talk about metals, "native" means; as it is found in nature.

Gold can be found in natural lumps ("nuggets") of very high purity.

Although never 100% pure, Australian nuggets are renowned for high purity, usually above 90%. On this website, "nugget" and "native" gold refers to the same naturally occurring, unrefined gold. Such gold is rare and has a higher value than standard refined gold (known as "specimen value").


What do "Gold-Filled", "gold-plated" and "vermeil" mean?

"Gold-filled": a surface layer of gold that is a minimum thickness ratio of 1/20th of the base metal. A heavy type of gold-plating. Marked "1/20"

"Gold-plating": a thin layer of gold over a base metal.

"Vermeil": Gold-plated silver.


 Can my old jewellery be recycled by David?

Maybe! It's not always practical or economical though.

Yes: Gold; 18ct, 22ct, 24ct.

Maybe: Gold nuggets (only if clean alluvial pieces)

No: Silver. 9ct Gold. Pink or rose gold in any carat.  

(note ALL metals are recyclable, consider selling 9ct gold items to 

a local gold merchant and putting the proceeds toward a new DN piece!)



Can I Return or Exchange my order?

Returns / Exchanges are accepted under the following conditions:

-Contact Us within 14 days of original purchase

-Item is in an undamaged condition, in original packaging.

-Buyer is responsible for any costs of, and safe arrival of, return shipping.

-Custom orders, modified items and sale items are a non-returnable final sale.


What if my jewellery is damaged?

David Neale Jewellery is guaranteed against manufacturing/design/material faults and defects, including shipping damage.

If, after you've worn your jewellery, it gets damaged, or a part gets lost;

 Contact Us for our reasonably priced repair service.


Care advice

Avoid bending your jewellery, this will lead to breakage!

Store in a dry place when not in use.

Do not use abrasive products to clean your jewellery!

Clean with warm soapy water and a soft cloth.

Do not spray perfume on painted finishes or organic materials such as bone or wood.

Changes to the colour of metal may be a natural patina,

Contact Us for specific advice.