Can I order a Customised Design?

Yes! David would love to work with you to make something unique.

Upfront payment is required. 

For an initial enquiry, Contact David.

Feel free to send photos or drawings of your ideas. This could be a unique design or a personalised version of one of David's classics.

Zoom calls are welcome too.

 (Please note, David's studio is closed to public browsing at this time)

Turnaround time: typically about 4 weeks, but possibly sooner if you've got a crucial deadline. Contact David for current availability. 


Where to start: Determine your Budget

Unique diamond and gold rings start at around AUD$3000, but there is no upper limit!

David can source the best quality diamonds to fit within your budget, and design a unique ring around that.

 What's next: Drawings and Quote

After discussing the project with you, David will email a drawing and give a price, without obligation or cost.

All original designs by David Neale (realised or not) will remain the intellectual property of David Neale. (ie copyright)

Can David remake my old jewellery into a new piece?


It feels great when we can work together to bring new life to an old piece, and it might be a money saver for you.

Note, some materials are not suitable, economical or safe for David to recycle in his small studio.

If you're unsure of what your old jewellery is made of, you can email a photo to David for assessment.

General guide:


Gold pieces of 18ct, 22ct or 24ct.

Diamonds, sapphires.

MAYBE (depending on the quality / properties):

Loose gemstones

Natural gold nuggets (if clean alluvial pieces)


9ct gold. Pink/rose gold in any colour. Silver.

(Even so, such items may have a still have a monetary value! You might consider selling them to a local merchant and put the cash towards a new David Neale piece!)