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David Neale

Good Ring- From One Natural Gold Nugget

Good Ring- From One Natural Gold Nugget

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Made straight from one naturally-occurring, unrefined Australian gold nugget,  approx. 23ct purity.

Made in Australia, made of Australia.

In a feat of deft craftsmanship, David hand-forges these rings -without seam or join- from one single naturally-occurring gold nugget.

Yes, it is true.

First, David must obtain the right nugget. Each one is unique. The provenance of the material is important to him. Gold nuggets are sourced from small-scale Australian gold prospectors (typically detectorists) whose methods have incomparably less of an environmental impact than standard gold mining operations. Ethically-minded detectorists are committed to refilling the small holes they dig. They seek, but do not destroy! This gold is a more ethical choice. The ideal nugget for a Good Ring must be compact in shape, solid in consistency, free from inclusions and... big! Such nuggets are very rare!

Great care and skill is required to fashion the nugget into a ring. Masterful control of the hammering process is summoned to keep the dimensions true.

Photographs of the original nugget and making-process are available on request.

Typical gold purity of the Good Ring is approximately 23ct, (or, above 90%) with slight natural variation. 

Are you concerned about how the high-carat gold will wear? 

While it is true that the higher the carat, the softer the gold will be, David has been making the Good Ring for 10 years without a single complaint, return or repair concerning the wear of this material. 

The design has hefty proportions and an intentionally ancient-looking surface finish which ensures that your Good Ring will not break or lose its intended appearance.

Good Ring will bear subtle traces of your unique life's journey; subtle marring and burnishing - like any jewellery - but here again the Good Ring differs, because it will always look amazing.


Width: 7mm wide

Thickness: 1.5mm thick 

Profile: Slight half-round 

Size range: US 5 (Aus/UK J.5) to US 14 (Aus/UK Y)

Finish: 'Ancient' texture



How do I find my finger size?

-Please read General Guide to Ring Size

-Order a Ring Sizing Set HERE. (International shipping cost only; $10. If you go ahead with a ring order, this will be deducted from the price.)

One resize* of the ring is complimentary with the purchase of this item.

Contact David if you need a resize.

*One resize means: made bigger by a maximum of 2 sizes only, or smaller by any amount. Re-shipping to you is complimentary. Shipping costs and any import/export costs for items sent to David Neale are not included.  


Current waiting time is 4 weeks from full upfront payment.

International Shipping (Signature-On-Delivery, Insured) is included in the price.

David Neale Jewellery takes responsibility for the safe arrival of your correctly addressed order.





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